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Nickle A Region Model A Club

Since 1957 the Nickle A Region of WI has been dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Model A Ford. Built in the 1928 - 1931 era of the Ford Motor Company. Most of our monthly gatherings are conducted in the beautiful surroundings of Northeastern WI. Our 100+ membership is made up of the wonderful people you would meet in the area. Our club meetings are held each third Thursday evening in the summer months, then switched to the third Sunday in the colder months. (WI Winters) We are blessed by our director Roy Farley whom hosts and sets up our winter meetings at St Elizabeth Hospital in Appleton, WI with a great catered meal from his staff. This is a great way to meet other great Model A enthusiast and share the wisdom of members. Shop talk is usually the main theme as we all have a project (Big or Small) going on.


Club Membership

Membership is open to anyone interested in the Model A Ford Built from 1928 to 1931. You don't need to be an owner, but after you see the fun achieved you'll want to be. Membership applications are below.

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Club Policies

Below you will find the info used to keep our organization running fair and correctly.

Club Policies

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